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The Gift of History for €35


Contact us and avail of our initial assessment and have our Family History Researcher compile your own personal family history for you.

Each story is unique and is thoroughly researched and bound into a book form report, maps are also enclosed, together with information on the local parish where your ancestors lived.

It would make a really great gift for your parents,grandparents or even if you are thinking of having your own family history researched, contact us now and let the journey begin.

Why not call to our research centre and bookshop at Bury Quay, Tullamore and a member of staff will be on hand to look after you.

Before you complete your initial assessment please note the following guidelines.

  • Our centre has records for counties Offaly (KINGS COUNTY) and County Laois(Queens County) ONLY.
  • Most parish records (Roman Catholic) begin circa 1820 with no records available before that date.
  • For county Laois, we only have Church of Ireland records for Ballyfin (1866-1899) and Portlaoise (1793-1899)
  • We do not have any other Church of Ireland records for any other parish in Laois.
  • Margaret can advise but cannot guarantee success with every initial enquiry.
  • Some parish records are complete but other parishes have gaps and omissions.
  • We are letting you know about this before you submit your initial enquiry as we don’t want to disappoint.
  • The fee of EU35 covers the research time of between 2-3 hours of detailed researching the records that are available to us.
  • The monies will not be refunded as it covers the researches time/cost.

What do I have to do?

Firstly please Make payment online for the initial assessment (€35).

Family History Research order number
On the confirmation page please note the Order Number located in the upper left of the screen.

Now please complete the following Initial Enquiry Form. Provide as much information as possible. On this form you will be asked for the Order Number mentioned above (if you missed it don’t worry you will find it in the confirmation email we sent after your payment.)

That’s it for now. Our researcher will conduct the initial assessment and  be in touch to  advise you of the next step(s) involved in tracing your ancestors.


Thank you for the report you prepared for me - it was great having documents to support some of the information I had collected - and I have enjoyed reading about the area. Hopefully I will travel to Ireland again in the not too distant future - and enjoy your wonderful country and hospitality.

Confidential Client

Records and resources

We have a substantial presence on roots Ireland with almost 1m records

We are adding to our resources all the time for the benefit of community and family history. Fees charged on a cost recovery basis only and support our work.


final offaly history sign copyAre your ancestors from Kings or Queens County? That is Offaly or Laois in Ireland

Our family history researchers will need to assess your information in order to identify if research is possible before we can accept a research commission.

Each assessment may take 2-3 hours of the researcher’s time to research and compile a reply. Due to the high level of interest in local and family history we have introduced a fee of €35 to cover the researcher’s time.

Please note the fee of €35 is for the initial assessment only. The researcher will work on your request in rotation and will advise you of the results within 8-10 working days of starting the research, and let you know the overall cost if you decide to follow up with a family search / report. Also, the success of an application depends greatly on the amount of detail that you provide and the extensiveness of our records.

Scope of our family history records

Memorials cards needed by Offaly History such as the enclosed

Memorials cards needed by Offaly History such as the enclosed

Using all the primary sources including church registers, civil records, census returns, etc., we have compiled a large database of information on Laois and Offaly families going back over the centuries. Most of our records pertain to the 19th century, but some church registers date back to the 18th century. Since 1983 we have processed thousands of enquiries, mainly from Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and USA. Increasingly we receive queries from people living in Ireland. We are glad to say that many enquiries have had a successful outcome. Our Centre is in the unique position of having researchers with a great local knowledge of the sources and the area we deal with. On occasion we get vague enquiries but local knowledge can bring about a successful outcome.


Our research staff are very professional in dealing with enquiries providing a service of the highest quality. No time or effort is spared in providing the customer with as much information as is available. For those who cannot yet make the vital connection with the correct location in Ireland, it is essential to search several sources in your home country, which may hold that all important piece of information to get you started. We will be happy to send those wishing to stay in the area, while searching for family roots, information on accommodation and other tourist information. Should the enquirer have interests in other parts of Ireland we will be glad to refer the query to the appropriate county centre.



Family History Initial Research Assessment

~~Please note our records are NOT open to the public~~