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“Local and Lending” -Story of Tullamore Credit Union


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“Local and Lending” – The Story of Tullamore Credit Union

The founding of Tullamore Credit Union is perhaps one of the best things that ever happened in Tullamore.
The same can be said of the credit union movement founded in Ireland in the late 1950s.
This publication looks at the progress of Tullamore Credit Union over fifty years from 1963.
How did it come about? How was it sustained? Who were the leaders, managers and staff at the front line?
The success of community-based, people-centred, voluntary effort is all the more relevant today when people often have only machines to turn to in the provision of services and some feel disenfranchised both at local and central government level.
`We ourselves’ will be much spoken of in this ‘Decade of centenaries.
It was also the cry of the credit union founders in the Lemass-led early 1960s when practical steps were taken to stem the flow of emigration and provide employment opportunities at home through the provision of credit where it could be useful.

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