Ingram, Rex by Ruth Barton
Fox, Maxwell Diary of: Annaghmore Co. Offaly 1868 – Part 1
McRedmond ,Dick
Foy, Francis and Mark
Naghten Fitzgerald, Sir Thomas (1838-1908)
Dunne, Fr. Patrick
Telford Webb, William 1842-1911
Ward, Mary 1827-1869
Warburton, Bartholomew Elliot George 1810-1852
Tyquin, Thomas : Tithe Martyr
Trollope, Anthony 1812-1882
Sadleir, Rev. Francis
Molloy, Bernard Charles: M.P.
Stoney, George Johnstone 1826-1911
Shelley, Kate : Railway Heroine
Offaly's Scientific Tradition
Rolleston, T.W.
Redmond, Edward 1766-1840
Pilkington, Matthew
O'Grady, Thomas 1824-1890
Munster, A.M.
O'Connor Morris, William 1824-1904
Molloy, James Lynam
Corcoran, Rev. Dr. Timothy: S.J. D. Litt.
Meehan, James
Charlton: Family of Clonmacnois
Casey, William J. (1913-1987)
McAlroy, Fr. Michael 1821-1880
Bulfin, William: The Man from the Pampas
Bronte, Charlotte: her association with Banagher
The Contribution of Offaly Writers to Irish Literature
Quarter, Bishop William (1806-1848) – First Catholic Bishop of Chicago
Joly, John
Jervas, Charles
Jageurs, Peter Morgan
The Literature of King's County
Ingram, Rex
Mahon, Hugh 1857-1931
Hely, Hovenden 1823-1872
Darby, Admiral Sir Henry
Hand, Edward 1742-1802
Garden, Robert Theophilus
Williams, The Family and Tullamore Distillery
Coyne, Joseph Stirling and other Offaly Writers
Bermingham, Patrick 1828-1883
Holt, Sir Herbert Samuel
Heeney, Cornelius – an Offaly pioneer in New York